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11-23-2010, 12:15 PM
A shop owner looking for a former shop owner,(w/body shop DNA in them)that still wants to work in the autobody business. You will have to work like you own the place, because that is part of what is expected of you to eventually own the place. You will have to wear all hats of the business from sweeping the floors, writing the estimates, getting the job done, deliver it to the customer, collect the money, and bring in the next customer. Only a former shop owner will understand this. Do not call looking for a 9-5. This is not a job offer, but there is a job here, and a path to ownership, with sweat equity. You must be able to produce your pay,the business overhead, (which is low)and keep abreast of industry changes, and regulations. You must be honest & trust worthy, no drugs, alcohol, or smoking. Character references, and resume needed. A person of Faith is prefered,but a person of good character is expected. Someone local would be ideal with a following already to add to what is existing, it would mean greater success for you. If this person I am looking for exists please e-mail me or call with your full name, address, phone #, resume, with the experience you have.

Contact: LEWIS
Homepage: ilikeitlikenew.com
Phone: 941 235 2277 Fax: 888 831 4805
Address: 19800 Veterans Blvd
City, State Zip: PORT CHARLOTTE Florida 33954
Email (lnas7576@gmail.com)