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03-26-2011, 05:29 PM
I have about 30 years of collision/frame/painting experience. I am ASE master certified and I-CAR Platinum. I-CAR includes mig welding and a few classes on my way to the new I-CAR structural tech classification. I need about 9 more classes to complete my structural status. To be honest I have heard all the promises and worked for some of the biggest jerks in the industry. I'm sure if you talked to my previous employers they would say I'm not always a joy to work with either. 90 percent of my issue with any shop I've been in is work load. Either very unbalanced or excuses as to why I'm sitting on my chair with nothing to do. My ideal situation would be in a shop with plenty of good work, a good fair mix, and top of the industry pay with NO DOUBLE SHEETING. I can turn tons of hours. Right now I'm avg around 125 hrs weekly. w thats with a mix containing a higher percentage of frame work but well written sheets. I have turned over 150 weekly for several weeks in a row with good quality work and great sheets. I know this can scare of potential employers stating these kinds of hours but what i want is a good living. So what I want is 80k to 100k income and I would be willing to work in a team enviroment as I have done it before. The issue again is workload. I had a team of 4 including me as the leader but the shop struggled to keep us busy. I have experience with Car-O-Liner, Genesis measuring systems as well as chief and car-o liner racks. Any interested hit me back with a response
thanks j