View Full Version : Body Technician 30 years experience wanting to make move out of Indiana

Charlie Trinkle
05-02-2011, 09:39 PM
Body Technician with 30 years experience wanting to make a career move to benefit my health and family. I am I-CAR certified and have work at GM and Ford Dealerships. For the Last three and a half years I have been working at a small private DRP shop in Indiana, with an excellent reputation. This shop uses a floor pulling system, and has no lifts. I have been doing all mechanical work on the floor and it has took a toll on my back. I average 80 hours a week and have 99/100% customer satisfaction per CSI Reports . I am interested in a Body Man position in a shop that has lifts for mechanical work, and a Frame Rack with an up to date measuring system. I am trained and skilled in using Cartronic/Caroliner Touch, and Shark Systems. You may view profile for pics and call me at 812 320 7991 Thank You!